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Game Animals Spritesheet | Volume 2

Here you will find some awesome game animal sprite sheet for use in your platform games. There are 14 animal sprites and with more then 450 frames your games are going to get awesome. Also if you are looking for something that works great with these animal sprit sheets take a look at this tile set: Sidescroller Game Tile Set.

  • 14 animal sprite sheets for pixel games
  • All pixelcharacters are 20×20 pixels
  • Works great for runner games
  • A unique style
  • 34 Frames for every pixelcharacter

The pixelcharacters found in this file.

Bat, Crocodile, Duck, Hippo, Koala, Lion, Monkey, Parrot, Rhino, Shark, Sheep, Snowy Owl, Tiger and Walrus

License info: Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA. You can use them in any project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell or freely share them as assets or a part of a stock item/template.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Game Animals Volume 2.zip 1,020 kB


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any templates to make a game like that

Theres a lot of templates to help you create games. Search for platformer 2d or sidescroller template. You will probably find something to get you started. 

Any association to the game Animality?


Not really. They do seem to be using some of our game assets. :)

They are fantastic assets (and I mean all your stuff beyond these). I have done a lot of free games from store bought assets. I fear stepping on someone's toes with a free game when they're making money.


Your not stepping on any toes when creating free game with any of the assets we made so far.
I guess you would be doing something wrong if you made the exact same game with the same game assets. :)