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Hello sir are you available for Freelance hire?

Thank you and I will wait for your reply, regards.

Hi, I got your email too. 
We currently have too much work both on our own project and freelance. 

Thanks for the offer.

Deleted post

Will there be a second part of this pack?
I am very interested in this content.
Thank you.
by: Robert Ramone

Hello Goblin Portal. First, I want to say thank you for this amazing pack. Can't wait to show you what I'm working on.

May I ask, would it be possible to add Y axis and diagonal movement for the Viking? I would not mind to pay extra bucks for this request.

Hope you can see my comment.

Happy holidays and a new year

Regards, Hugo.

Hi I bought the pack. Why is the background and trees different in the animation you put in the animation folder? 

You mean why they are separated into different files? Background 1 & 2 is just a subtle difference but the rest of the backgrounds are for parallaxing.

If I go to the folder called sample animation and look at Viking_Breath I see a background. But when I go to assets -> images -> tiles and objects -> backgrounds I don't see that background there. 

Ah, now I understand. Yeah, thats just to show the animation for fire breath working together with the burn effects for zombies. The background is from when we started creating the assets and we didn't like how the background looked in combination of the Viking so we changed it to the one you can find in the backgrounds folder. (You can also see our first version of the zombie on that animation sample.)


I bought this  asset but I'm not finding the file with the animation of the zombie's head being cut off, as shown in the second image

Sorry, nearly missed this message. 

When we tried the sprites before release we made that with some help of code, just cutting out the head and then make it fly away. More dynamic so it can react to other objects. We didn't feel it would look good just adding a static animation.

I would recommend that or even cutting out more parts + adding the blood explosion-animation on top + red pixel particles flying out. It will look amazing :)